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  • ATO Corporate Perceptions Survey 2016–17 annual report

    The ATO Corporate Perceptions Survey provides a community measure of our reputation and service delivery performance. It also captures broad community perceptions that affect willing participation in the tax and super system.

    We have been conducting the survey since 2014. We use a single set of measures, including 11 ATO service commitments, across a broad range of taxpayer markets and interaction types.

    The survey provides us with validated and reliable community perceptions for planning and reporting purposes. It also provides a sophisticated understanding of community views, so we can improve the way we interact with our clients.

    The survey is one of many ongoing measurement activities we use to improve the client experience, consistent with our commitments in the Taxpayers' Charter.

    In 2016–17 our approach to reporting changed to be based on financial year, instead of calendar year.

    Survey participation

    The 2016–17 Corporate Perceptions research involved a telephone survey of 3,956 respondents.

    Fieldwork was conducted from 11 August 2016 to 27 July 2017 and covered client interactions that occurred during the 2016–17 financial year.

    Clients who had a recent service experience with the ATO, the wider Australian general public and business communities were surveyed.

    Five point scales were used throughout the survey.

    Key findings

    Overall satisfaction with the ATO’s performance, across all customer groups and channels combined, was 75%.

    Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) were the most satisfied group and tax agents were the least satisfied.

    Likewise, clients were most satisfied with the shopfront channel and least satisfied with the ATO website, ATO app and correspondence channels.

    At least seven in ten clients rated the ATO favourably on nine of the 11 ATO service commitments.

    The ATO’s service was viewed most favourably for the ATO and its staff treating the client respectfully and courteously, and informing the client of what they need to do.

    The least favourably rated service commitments related to follow up (keeping the client informed about status / delays / issues) and the ATO would be responsive to feedback.

    How the research has been used

    These findings contribute to the Reinventing the ATO Blueprint, which focuses on changing how we operate to meet the needs and expectations of the community, while delivering on our commitments to government and the community.

    Next steps:

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