• ATO Single Corporate Perceptions Survey: 2014–15

    The Single Corporate Perceptions Survey provides an overall community measure of the ATO’s reputation, its service delivery performance, and broad community perceptions that affect willing participation in the tax and superannuation system.

    The ATO takes seriously its obligation to reduce the burden of red tape on the community. The new survey, run for the first time in the January to March quarter of 2014, replaced five previous surveys. It provides a single set of measures, including 11 ATO service measures, against a broader range of markets and interactions.

    The objective of the survey is to provide the ATO with better evidence for planning and reporting, including a more sophisticated understanding of the taxpayer community to improve the way we interact with our clients.

    Who we spoke with

    The 2014–15 survey involved 3,923 voluntary telephone interviews, conducted between April 2014 and March 2015. We interviewed clients who had contact with us between January and December 2014, other members of the general public, and business communities.

    Key findings

    • 76% of ATO clients and 70% of tax agents were satisfied with the service they received.
    • While satisfaction with service was high across most delivery channels, it was notably lower for the ATO website and the ATO app.
    • Satisfaction with the ATO app was high among non-business clients, who are the intended users of the app.
    • Wider perceptions of the ATO were most positive among those who had recent contact with us.
    • All people surveyed, including recent contacts, the general public and the general business community, viewed the ATO most favourably in terms of acting with integrity, and least favourably in being responsive to feedback.
    • The ATO performed strongly against nine of 11 service measures, with ‘kept informed about status/delays/issues’ and ‘ATO would be responsive to feedback’ identified as areas for improvement.

    A number of strategies are underway to improve satisfaction with ATO service. The primary focus will be on improving delivery channels. Taking into account the survey findings, the ATO will aim to improve client satisfaction by:

    • Continuing the Transforming ato.gov.au program of work to improve website navigation, search and content. This is supported by ongoing measurement activities to ensure the changes improve the client experience. It should be noted that because clients we spoke to had contact with us during the 2014 calendar year, strategies implemented after December 2014 are not reflected in these results.
    • Making significant enhancements to the functionality available on both the ATO app and ATO Online Services.
    • Decreasing the time taken to access telephone services through the use of voice biometric technology. This helps secure personal information and reduces the average time spent on the phone with the ATO.
    • Prioritising calls seeking assistance with online services and debt collection, and providing extended operating hours on ATO support lines.
    • Under the ATO’s Digital First strategy, working to reduce the volume and reliance on written correspondence, while increasing the availability of online options.
    • We are improving our practices, and working with staff to focus on greater client service in offline settings. Staff who come across as knowledgeable and are able to inform clients what they need to do are able to greatly increase client satisfaction with service.
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