• Call Centre Satisfaction Survey 2013-14 Annual Report

    The Call Centre Satisfaction Survey began in September 2005, with further waves in April 2006, March 2007 and December 2007. The survey was transitioned to a monthly survey approach from December 2008, to enable continual tracking of key service measures and understanding of client satisfaction.

    This 2013-14 survey is the last Call Centre Satisfaction Survey. From 1 July 2014, the ATO Single Corporate Perceptions Survey will provide required insights into customer satisfaction with all ATO services, including call centres.

    Key Insights

    • Despite being a key focus in 2013-14, levels of first call resolution have remained at 2012-13 levels (78 per cent).
    • The helpfulness and manner/empathy of ATO service representatives are cited as the predominant reason for the very high levels of satisfaction noted in the report (91 per cent).
    • Suggested areas to improve overall satisfaction include
      • improving representatives knowledge of issues related to client queries, and their ability to resolve those issues without having to consult their manager
      • advising clients of status or delays, making it easier for clients to access the information and services required to reduce pressure on call centres
      • reducing the time taken across call centre service delivery process.
    • Improving and promoting the capabilities and functionality of the ATO website is a key opportunity to reduce the demand pressure on call centres.

    How the research has been used

    • We regularly tracked the survey results to monitor client satisfaction with our call centre service delivery. This provided us with a more accurate and complete picture of the health of our call centre service.
    • Feedback from this survey complemented existing quality assurance processes and the ATO’s service commitment framework.
    • These service commitments are now tracked using the ATO Single Corporate Perceptions Survey and will allow us to continue to track experiences and set targets, maintaining a high standard of service and continually improving our performance over time.

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