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  • Appendix 3: Quotes from smaller intermediaries

    Different users to register/lodge and pay GST

    “We don’t pay GST on behalf of client; we usually help them with payment, registration and lodgement.”
    ”We report on their behalf and if there’s an obligation to pay then we can pay for them but normally we will advise them and they will pay for themselves.”
    “I manage a total staff of 15. I supervise staff that register report and pay GST. I also perform these functions.”
    ”In my circumstance I’d be reluctant to let client’s access the system because most don’t know what they are doing. I’d want to do it or have my staff do it. They would just pay.”
    ”There are eight of us in the business with Askers. One is the business owner. I would usually prepare whatever is necessary and he will review and finally lodge.”
    ”We would not want them to report as they would not do it correctly in most cases. They just pay after we report.”

    Number of users who will be accessing the system on behalf of the non-resident client(s)

    “From time to time I will be an end user of the system.”

    Using only one/existing credential for all Government dealings

    “I would think in the future the way it works now would be compatible with the way the AUSkey system access is provided. This works and has worked for a number of years.”
    “We would prefer a direct link to the ATO and we would expect that the new system would be integrated with the current system.”
    “My first preference would be AUSkey but if AUSkey was replaced I’d prefer an ATO digital identity to an Australian Government issued one.”
    “An Australian government digital ID, sure, if it was secure, if an ATO digital id was the same I'd also use it if it were secure.”
    “There will be no difference between an Australian Government ID and an ATO ID because most people will see them as the same.”

    Using a (personal) mobile device to do business

    “If the company security allowed it, it would be ok. Currently not.”
    ”[I] would not use a mobile phone to access the tax agent portal.”
    ”It [permission to a personal mobile device] needs to go through IT the department if we want access using phone, but there is nothing in the policy to prohibit the use of personal devices.”
    “No policy prohibition would prevent me from interacting with the Simplified GST system from a personal device. Staff may also use their personal devices if they get permission.”
    “I don’t allow staff to access and perform work on private devices or mobile phones. The work requires oversight and must all be done in the office and on its systems.”

    About when the Simplified GST system needs to be available

    “I think it’s a good idea to register from 1 April we wouldn’t want to leave it too late. As soon as possible would be good as we’d have to have it up and ready before we needed to lodge. If this system goes live in July next year we’d need to have it set up at least a month or so before to be able to access it.”

    The level at which the digital ID needs to be

    “Should be at group level so convenient as opposed to each individual business entities because they usually run centralised admin accounting function.”

    Securing the digital ID with a password

    ”I’m confident in passwords. I don’t know or understand biometrics. Passwords work fine."
    ”Security is a very important issue for us the system needs to offer the highest level of security. “
    ”You would want them to be quite secure. We assume the process of applying to the ATO is secure. “

    Preferred payment method

    About overpayments, refunds and offsets

    Learning more about their new obligation

    ”I would expect to be informed that a non-resident business client I represent now is required to register for GST under the new laws”

    Support in using Simplified GST

    We do a lot of businesses in the US but we also have a fair bit in the EU so most of our clients can converse in English but they probably would prefer to converse in their home language. French is the major language.”
    “It is quite important to us and quite nice to have expert admin and access support to guide us through the process.”
    “Would there be a provision in the Accounting software for the Simplified GST System?”
    “If there was a contact in the ATO we would surely use it as it’d be easier to not be transferred around.”
    “It would be nice to have non- English speaking support but I don’t expect it. I would be happy with good English speaking support.”
    “A lot of the support provided is not about tax, it’s about set up and it generally is provided during set up.”

    Attitude towards adopting the Simplified GST system

    “We have initial review of the system looks like the benefit would be the registration would be simplified. But for those who are already in the system, there is no need to register them the new system again so I wouldn’t move them across”
    “If a new system did come into effect I would definitely be involved in registering them and setting them up but eventually there might not be a need for my involvement if it’s so simple.”
    “However I’m not sure what the Simplified GST System is and whether they would opt to use it, it all depends on what the nature of the system is. They will be happy to use things that a simple and benefit them.”
    “In my opinion, I would have assumed all the same details required now would be required. If the simpler GST registration system was available I would go for it if it was secure as the clients would find it easier and cheaper to use.”

    ‘Machine to machine’ reporting to the ATO, via your tax reporting software or API, instead of reporting manually using the ‘Simplified GST system

    “We are moving towards electronic style support but we wouldn’t want spontaneous data exchange. We prefer to run things through a checklist first.”
    “That’s an interesting one. There’s a lot of reliance on everything being right. I’d have to think about it. If it had the capacity to review before reporting id use and prefer it.”
    “Would use it if reliable. Not sure how this would work, I’d be worried about errors. Would want a way of checking.”
    “Would not prefer automatic machine-to-machine reporting as it needs to be checked first.”
    “It would be great if that were possible and provided for checking but then you system would have to be compatible with an awful lot of software.”
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