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  • Appendix 4: Research approach

    The following research approach was taken to identify the user needs and goals of non-resident business representatives, both staff in the business and tax advisors in regards to authenticating with and using the Simplified GST system.

    Review of existing knowledge

    Analysed existing research around authenticating with the ATO gained from co-design activities with comparable Australian audiences based on early Auth App prototype:

    • Medium and large business employees
    • Tax agent owners/partners
    • Tax agent employees

    Reviewed issues reported about AUSkey and turned them into user needs statements.

    Created a set of ‘user needs assumptions’ for the non-resident business representative audiences who will be users of our systems.

    Conduct further research to validate, invalidate and extend user goals assumptions

    • Mapped the interaction points of end users authenticating with and using the Simplified GST system.
    • Overlaid user needs assumptions.
    • Created targeted research questions to explore along the user pathway and to validate/debunk user needs assumptions.
    • Created an online questionnaire in ‘Qualtrics’ for un-facilitated responses by non-Australian end users.
    • Received feedback from 30 participants.
    • Captured interview data in the online questionnaire for consistent feedback capture.
    • To capture feedback consistently, created an extended questionnaire version to support qualitative feedback capture during phone interviews.

    Provide ongoing updates to stakeholders

    We conducted weekly stakeholder briefings to progressively share research findings as they became available so that decision makers and business areas could progress the design.

    1. Debrief: Non-resident online GST client experience – user needs assumptions (based on existing research findings) (27.9.2016)
    2. Debrief: Update on the consultation with large accounting firms (30.9.2016)
    3. Debrief: Update on the consultation with Australian Tax advisors (7.10.2016)
    4. Debrief: Update on the insights gained from the online survey with non-residents (business reps and tax service providers) and phone consultations with Australian and non-Australian tax intermediaries. (17.10.2016)

    Analysed the data

    • Analysed qualitative input interviews held with participants
    • Analysed quantitative input from online survey.
    • Enriched quantitative data with qualitative

    Created deliverables

    • Summary of non-resident user needs assumptions
    • Summaries of weekly debriefs
    • Detailed research report, including clearly defined target audience user needs, evidenced by user research (DSS requirement)
    • User profiles
    • Interaction map
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