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    In 2011, we commissioned independent research company, the Andrews Group, to conduct qualitative and quantitative research with large businesses categorised as low to medium risk according to our risk differentiation framework. The objective was to better understand the use and effectiveness of the services we provide, channel usage and preferences of these businesses.

    Key insights from the research findings

    Research findings highlighted the diversity of the large market, the complexity of their tax issues and their expectation of efficiency. In particular, the research indicated:

    • When interacting with us there is a need for efficient 'at call' engagement (that is timely, open and accurate information, advice and communication).
    • Respondents described themselves as time poor and that interacting with us is only a small part of their job - 85% spent less than 10% of their time interacting with us.
    • Respondents described their tax strategies as conservative, but said the tax issues they confront are often complex - 67% rate their tax issues complex / very complex.
    • There is widespread satisfaction with the Business Portal (85%) and/or electronic commerce interface client software (78%).
    • There is a heavy reliance on tax advisers/agents who are regarded as a valued source of information for complex matters (67%).
    • Our website is used as a primary source for general information (67%) with the majority of users (82%) rating the clarity of content as good / very good, but there was criticism of the search function (53% rated this function as poor / very poor).
    • Our phone services have the lowest satisfaction rating of all our channels (49% are dissatisfied / very dissatisfied), with lengthy waiting times being the primary reason given (76%).
    • Satisfaction with our overall service is high - 87% of respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied.
    • Complex or 'out of ordinary' enquiries received the most criticism, in particular 'gateway' issues were cited as a primary source of dissatisfaction (finding the correct person to answer/resolve their enquiry) - 62% of callers to one of our phone services were transferred twice or more.

    How the research is being used

    As research findings indicate large businesses are seeking 'on demand' delivery of timely, open and accurate information, advice and communication, we are tailoring our service framework to engage more effectively with large businesses. We have consulted with the Large Business Advisory Group, our peak external consultative forum with large businesses, about the development of the framework and to seek their views on our service delivery and engagement strategy, what services work well and what could be improved. More specifically, the outcomes of this review will seek to:

    • balance taxpayer preferences, needs and expectations with our costs
    • support large businesses in dealing with complex issues and meet their expectations of efficiency
    • align with our overall direction to increase electronic interactions, reduce paper and improve service delivery.

    The framework is expected to be implemented in early 2013.

    We apologise for the delay in publishing this report.

    Further Information

    Detailed findings from the Andrews Group research are provided in the full report and can be accessed at Review of the service delivery offer to large businesses 2011.

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