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  • SuperStream research – employers and APRA funds

    In September 2015, the ATO commissioned research into employers’ progress on the implementation of SuperStream and their experience with paying super.

    A representative sample of 1,920 employers were surveyed across Australia covering all sizes, industries and geographies.

    Combined with other data we collected, these results:

    • form a snapshot of SuperStream implementation at a point in time
    • provide an important input to measure SuperStream benefits
    • help to demonstrate how we're improving the employer experience.

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    Benchmarking data

    We measure SuperStream's success by tracking its compliance with:

    • The Superannuation Data and Payment Standards 2012
    • rates of straight through processing
    • cost and improved data quality.

    The SuperStream benchmarking data focuses on contributions processing by APRA regulated funds and Exempt Public Sector Superannuation Schemes (EPSSS). Funds are required to report data quarterly from 1 July 2015 until 30 June 2019.

    We use information collected in the form SuperStream Benchmarking Measures (SRF 711.0). This information is also used by Treasury and APRA.

    The data captured in the form includes contribution transactions from active employers and which of the following channels it has come through:

    • Channel A: Represents fully SuperStream compliant messaging that conforms to the Superannuation Data and Payment Standard 2012.
    • Channel B: Represents electronic messaging that conforms to the requirements of paragraph 4.2 of the Superannuation Data and Payment Standards 2012.
    • Channel C: Represents all contributions received through non-conforming channels. The form also captures the total cost of processing the contribution transaction from active employers.
    • Note: All figures in reports below are rounded to the nearest decimal point. Prior quarter figures are revised in later quarters were reporting errors are uncovered and data are resubmitted by entities but these refinements are unlikely to have a material impact on the overall picture.

    See also:

    SuperStream reporting

    The SuperStream Benchmarking reports give an insight into the rate of take up of the data and payment standard and cost associated with contribution processing.

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