Self-managed super fund statistical report - June 2011

Overview of the SMSF statistical report

We publish regular statistical reports for the self-managed super fund (SMFS) market. The contents of this report have been worked out following valuable feedback from the super industry.

The information in this report includes:

  • SMSF population and asset allocation tables:
    • population of SMSFs and members
    • asset allocation (break-up of assets into various classes).
  • Annual SMSF population analysis tables:
    • asset allocation by asset value of the fund
    • membership sizes (SMSFs with 1, 2, 3 or 4 members)
    • demographics (state break-up of SMSFs, members and assets)
    • member demographics (age and income of members)
    • total asset ranges (distribution of the size of SMSFs)
    • average assets (per member and per SMSF)
    • flow of funds (contributions, transfers, benefits and expenses).
  • SMSF quarterly establishment tables:
    • demographics (state break up of SMSFs)
    • member demographics (age of new members)
    • member demographics (income range of new members).
Further Information

For more information about the figures used in this statistical report, see Statistics explanatory notes.

End of further information

It is worth noting that most of the information in this report is estimated, and caution should be taken when using or presenting this data. The estimations have been based on the data provided by SMSFs reporting their financial position as at 30 June of the relevant financial year.

The SMSF population and asset allocation tables are updated on a quarterly basis. The next report will cover the period up to 30 September 2011 and should be available in November 2011. The remainder of the tables are updated annually when the June quarter updates are published.

Further Information

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