• Growth of SMSF assets

    In the five years to 30 June 2014, SMSF assets grew by $183.2 billion or 49%. This means that in dollar terms, SMSFs continue to have a significant influence in the overall growth of the $1.9 trillion Australian superannuation industry.Footnote4

    Graph 1 shows the proportion of total superannuation asset growth by fund type.Footnote5 Total superannuation assets in the period grew by 53% or $645 billion, of which SMSFs contributed 28% in the proportion of overall growth.

    Graph 1: Proportion of five-year total superannuation asset growth, by fund type

    Growth of SMSF assets

    * APRA funds with more than four members include corporate, industry, public sector, and retail funds.

    Footnote 4

    APRA 2011, June 2011 Quarterly Superannuation Performance, 8 September 2011 p 7, and APRA 2014, June 2014 Quarterly Superannuation Performance, 21 August 2014 p 8

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    Footnote 5
    In November 2013, APRA released a discussion paper on changes to its superannuation statistics. As a result, the June 2014 Quarterly Superannuation Performance interim version does not report information by super sector and so previous comparisons to corporate, industry, public sector and retail funds cannot be made as at June 2014.

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