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  • Reliability

    We seek feedback and advice about the methods we use to estimate the gap from our external and internal subject matter experts. Based on the advice and assessment, the reliability for this estimate is low (with a score of 15).

    This is low because there are some ongoing issues with the data inputs to the model. The data is subject to revision and has historically impacted the most recent years of published gap estimates. There is no official source for such estimates as highlighted by the final report of the Black Economy Taskforce.

    We will continue to refine our work on the PAYG withholding gap in future releases.

    Figure 3: Reliability rating scale from very low to very high – PAYG withholding gap

    Figure 3: This image shows a graph that represents the reliability rating for the current PAYG withholding tax gap estimate. The rating scale includes: Very low which is a score between 0 and 10. Low which is a score between 11 and 15. Medium which is a score between 16 and 20. High which is a score between 21 and 25. Very high which is a score between 26 and 30. The graph shows the medium business gap estimate has a rating of 15, which is low.

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