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  • Australian tax gaps 2015–16

    This information is for historical purposes only.

    Australians all benefit from healthy tax and superannuation systems that support our society and economy. The community expects the ATO to manage all aspects of the systems, including advising the community about tax gaps and what we are doing about them.

    In an open and democratic society, tax gap estimates provide critical data to support informed debate and decision making by stakeholders, including government and the parliament.

    The tax gap is an estimate of the difference between what the ATO collects and the amount that would have been collected if every taxpayer was fully compliant.

    Our estimates reflect a system that is operating well. We recognise that some non-compliance will always exist. We aim to identify, manage and sustainably reduce tax gaps.

    The estimates we publish are backed by methodologies we have confidence in. As we develop new, improved methodologies, we will release more estimates covering more taxes and revenue streams.

    This report provides an overview of tax gaps in Australia for 2014–15 and our approach, a summary of the latest available data, as well as detailed information on the six gap types for which we have reliable data. Follow the links below for more information:

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