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  • ATO action to reduce the gap

    Regulation through licensing and permission regimes is a significant control over the fuel industry. The fuel market is dominated by a small number of businesses. We support them with client managers who provide assistance and assurance for compliance obligations.

    Compliance with lodgment, payment and reporting is a key risk. Our client managers monitor these risks for the highest payers to understand variations and co-ordinate corrective action where necessary.

    New entities entering the fuel market can increase the risk of error if existing control systems are inadequate. They can also pose a risk if they do not understand their obligations.

    Biannual indexation on all fuels (except aviation fuel) and policy changes such as the reintroduction of excise on ethanol and biodiesel are unlikely to increase the risk of error significantly. Meanwhile, we have strategies in place to detect and monitor non-compliance in these areas.

    We focus our activities on early identification of compliance issues. Our compliance activities have not identified any new issues or areas for concern.

    Our key activities include:

    • monitoring of available data to identify changes in behaviour or trends
    • assurance activity on key parts of the industry
    • relationship management support and engagement with large market businesses and new entrants.

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