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  • Product stewardship for oil gap

    This information is about estimating the product stewardship for oil gap. This gap forms a part of our overall tax performance program.

    The product stewardship for oil aims to encourage the recycling of used petroleum-based oils and synthetic equivalents. It achieves this by offering a benefit paid to oil recyclers who recycle these products.

    Under the program, a levy (in the form of excise and customs duty) is collected on all petroleum-based oil or their synthetic equivalents produced in or imported into Australia. This levy is used to fund the benefits paid to recyclers of used oil. Oil recyclers are required to register for excise manufacture to be eligible for the benefit.

    We conduct regular assurance activities, including both:

    • regular contact with oil recyclers
    • sampling of the grades of oil produced under the program for category 1 clients

    Our estimate of the product stewardship for oil gap covers a six-year period between 2014–15 and 2019–20. For 2019–20, we estimate the gap to be approximately $0.926 million or 0.62% of the amounts that should theoretically be administered by this program.

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