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  • ATO action to reduce the gap

    Incorrect reporting and payment of wine equalisation tax (WET) is a moderate risk. Simple errors or lack of awareness regarding WET obligations may be contributing factors. However, deliberate non-compliance is also an issue.

    We have observed non-compliance with:

    • claiming WET producer rebate when not entitled
    • claiming WET producer rebate on exported wine
    • incorrect quoting and inadequate quotation documentation
    • overvaluing wine for claiming the WET producer rebate
    • accounting for WET on wine for own use.

    Our goal is to improve compliance and have the correct amount of WET reported. Our WET compliance strategies will focus on:

    • utilising data and intelligence to identify wine sales and wine for own use not reported and WET not paid
    • providing education, support and guidance that helps registrants correctly claim the producer rebate
    • ensuring non-wine products are classified correctly
    • cross-checking BAS data to identify and take action where there is insufficient GST sales to substantiate WET claims
    • focussing on incorrect claiming of WET credits on wine exports.

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