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    This chapter provides a general description of goods and services tax (GST), wine equalisation tax (WET) and luxury car tax (LCT). It reports liabilities incurred during the 2005-06 and 2006-07 financial years as reported on business activity statements and other forms.

    GST is a tax of 10% on the supply of most goods and services and other taxable supplies (for example, real property and rights) in Australia, including items that are imported. In most cases, GST does not apply to exports of goods or services, or other items consumed outside Australia.

    GST is administered by the Tax Office on behalf of the Australian Government, and is appropriated to the states and territories. The Australian Government funds the Tax Office to administer GST, and is reimbursed by the states and territories. The Australian Customs Service (Customs) collects GST on taxable importations that are not subject to the deferred GST scheme.


    For the 2006-07 financial year:

    • total net GST liabilities (including Customs collections) increased by 6.7% to $39.7 billion - from $37.2 billion in 2005-06
    • wine equalisation tax liabilities (including Customs collections) decreased by 2.7% from the previous year to $645.0 million, and
    • luxury car tax liabilities (including Customs collections) increased by 15.2% to $371.0 million.
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