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    Excise duty is levied on petroleum products in Australia. Customs duty applies (at the same rate) to imported petroleum products. To assist the competitiveness of Australian businesses, three grant or benefit schemes are available to businesses. The fuel schemes for the 2007-08 financial year are:

    • fuel sales grants scheme
    • product stewardship for oil program, and
    • cleaner fuels grants scheme.

    This chapter contains statistics on grants or benefits paid under these schemes for the 2007-08 financial year.


    For the 2007-08 financial year:

    • total grants paid under the fuel tax credits scheme were $4,703 million, a 9.1% increase over 2006-07
    • total benefits paid under the product stewardship for oil program increased by 12.9% from 2006-07 to $36 million, and
    • grants totalling around $115 million were paid under the cleaner fuels grants scheme.
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