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    The ATO has available many confidentialised 1% sample files containing individual tax return information for previous income years. The objective in releasing these files is to satisfy the requirements of more-advanced users, allowing access to tax data at a finer level.

    The files are confidentialised in order to protect the identities of taxpayers. This year we are releasing the sample file for the 2010-11 income year based on data contained in Taxation statistics 2010-11. We now have sample files available for the 2003-04 to 2010-11 income years, based on data contained in Taxation statistics for those years.



    In summary, the 2010-11 sample file:

    • represents 1% of returns lodged by individuals (around 125,000 individual records), and

    contains 50 data items, including demographic information such as gender, marital status, year of birth (five-year range), occupation and geographic region - the remainder of the data items are income, deductions, losses, and some other indicators sourced from individual tax returns.

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