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  • Financial ratios



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    The financial ratios tables contain the following:

    • net profit ratio = (total business income – total expenses) / total business income.
    • gross profit ratio = (total business income – cost of sales) / total business income.
    • wage to turnover ratio = salary and wages paid / total business income.

    The tax return labels used to calculate the ratios are:

    Data item

    Entity type

    Income tax return label

    Total business income


    Total business income, Item P8


    Total income, Item 6, label S

    Partnerships and trusts

    Total business income, Item 5

    Cost of sales


    Cost of sales, Item P8, (label K + label L – label M)


    Cost of sales, Item 6, label A

    Partnerships and trusts

    Cost of sales, Item 5, label E

    Total expenses


    Total expenses, Item P8, (label S + label T)


    Total expenses, Item 6, label Q

    Partnerships and trusts

    Total expenses, Item 5, label O

    Salary and wages paid


    Total salary & wage expenses, Item P13, label G


    Total salary & wage expenses, Item 8, label D

    Partnerships and trusts

    Total salary & wage expenses, Item 44, label L

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