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  • Taxation statistics 2012–13

    Taxation statistics 2012–13 presents an overview of 2013 income tax returns for individuals, companies, superannuation funds, partnerships and trusts. The statistics also cover other aspects of the taxation system such as GST, FBT and excise, along with the superannuation system, in relation to the 2013–14 financial year. The key information is summarised in tables and graphs arranged by topic. We also have more detailed information available as Excel spreadsheets.

    Taxation statistics for 2012–13 was released on 29 April 2015, we welcome your feedback on the way we are presenting this information, email us at

    About taxation statistics 2012–13

    This section contains important information you should read before using our statistical information and detailed tables. This includes cut-off dates for information gathering, changes to the way we report the data and abbreviations used in the tables.

    Taxation statistics 2012–13 tables

    The tables show statistics relating to:

    • income tax returns and CGT
    • GST, FBT, excise and other taxes
    • pay as you go withholding and instalments
    • the cost of taxation compliance
    • charities
    • the superannuation system.

    We also have a set of more detailed tables available, mainly in Excel spreadsheet format, for those who need further information. These tables have been compiled to enable data manipulation using pivot tables.

    Industry benchmarks

    Industry benchmarks, in the form of financial and activity statement ratios, are provided in our detailed tables for individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts. Here we explain the return labels used for the benchmarks and our exclusion criteria.

    The 2012–13 individuals sample file

    To assist more advanced researchers, we have a sample file available containing a 2% confidentialised sample of individual tax return information.

    Reference documents

    Copies of all the tax return forms and associated schedules and guides used to compile these statistics, and links to previous taxation statistics reports back to 1999–2000 are available.

    Taxation statistics – frequently asked questions

    Answers to some of the most common questions you may have about our annual taxation statistics.

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