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  • Key committees

    The ATO Executive Committee is supported by a number of senior management and assurance committees, including:

    • Audit and Risk Committee – provides independent assurance to the Commissioner of Taxation on the ATO’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk management approaches, and system of internal control.
    • Strategy and Integration Committee – shapes and guides the ongoing development and use of the 2024 roadmap, to ensure the ATO is focused on the right priorities at the right time to achieve its 2024 aspirations.
    • Resource and Investment Committee – ensures an integrated approach to resource management and provides advice to the ATO Executive Committee on the management of our budget.
    • People Committee – provides insights and direct the strategies and plans for designing contemporary staff experience and people integrity management strategies.
    • Improving the Client Experience Committee – drives continuous improvement in the client experience across the ATO.
    • Security and Business Continuity Management Committee – ensures a consistent and integrated, enterprise-wide approach to security and business continuity management.
    • Enterprise Risk Management Committee – guides the ATO’s ability to manage risk associated with achieving the strategic objectives that enable the ATO to fully carry out its purpose.
    • Treasury and ATO Forum – enhance whole-of-system stewardship of the tax and superannuation systems by Treasury and the ATO to better integrate policy design and administration in the current and future operating environments.
    • National Consultative Forum – provides a conduit for communication and consultation on a regular basis, on ATO-wide employment and workplace relations matters.

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