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  • Key committees

    The ATO Executive Committee is supported by a number of senior management and assurance committees, including:

    • Audit and Risk Committee – provides independent assurance to the Commissioner on the ATO’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk management approaches, and system of internal control.
    • Strategy and Integration Committee – develops, guides and supports implementation of the 2024 vision to enable the ATO to most effectively plan for and realise its purpose over the medium to long term.
    • Resource Committee – ensures an integrated approach to resource management and provides advice to the ATO Executive Committee on the management of our budget.
    • Partners Experience Committee – sets the ATO’s partnering vision, and develops the strategies and plans for optimising outcomes from the interactions and experiences we have with our partners.
    • Staff Experience and Integrity Committee – provides insights and direct the strategies and plans for designing the contemporary staff experience and people integrity management.
    • Client Experience Committee – sets the ATO’s vision for the cohesive and integrated experience we want our clients to have, and champions the achievement of that vision.
    • Policy Design Committee – guides and drives the development of innovative and future-thinking policies and law simplification options.
    • Security and Business Continuity Management Committee – ensures a consistent, integrated, enterprise-wide approach to security and business continuity management.
    • Enterprise Risk Management Committee – guides the ATO’s ability to manage risk associated with achieving the strategic objectives that enable the ATO to fully carry out its purpose.
    • Treasury and ATO Forum – enhance whole-of-system stewardship of the tax and superannuation systems by Treasury and the ATO to better integrate policy design and administration in the current and future operating environments.
    • Marketing and Communications Governing Committee – oversees the direction of the marketing and communication capability, the outbound interactions capability and the ATO’s research and intelligence functions.
    • National Consultative Forum – provides a conduit for communication and consultation, on a regular basis, on ATO-wide employment and workplace relations matters.

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