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  • How we calculate your fuel tax credits

    The Fuel tax credit calculator works out the amount of your fuel tax credits (in dollars) for the tax period by multiplying the eligible quantities of fuel you have used by the relevant fuel tax credit rate.

    Different rates apply depending on when you acquire, import or manufacture the fuel and for different activities and fuel types. Therefore, the calculator requires you to input quantities for each fuel type and each activity.

    The calculator will work out the dollar amount for each activity, and then add these amounts together to give you a total for the tax period.

    You can claim the total (a whole dollar amount) by inserting it at label 7D on your BAS.

    If you need to make adjustments to reduce your fuel tax credit claims for previous tax periods, insert these amounts at label 7C on your BAS.

      Last modified: 16 Dec 2014QC 25607