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  • 1.1.3 Do bodies corporate make taxable supplies?

    For source of ATO view, refer to the principles in GSTR 2006/9 - Goods and services tax: supplies

    Section 9-5 of the GST Act states that if a supply is (a) for consideration, (b) in the course or furtherance of an enterprise, (c) connected with Australia, and (d) the entity is registered or required to be registered, the supply is a taxable supply. Input taxed supplies and GST-free supplies are not taxable supplies.

    The supply a body corporate makes to its members is the entry into an obligation to maintain and manage the complex in a sound condition. This comes within the definition of supply contained in the GST Act. The supplies do not qualify as either GST-free or input taxed supplies under the provisions of the GST Act.

    The fact that the supplier is an entity of which the recipient of the supply is a member, or that the supplier is an entity that only makes supplies to its members, does not prevent the payment made by the recipient from being consideration. Therefore, a payment from an owner to a body corporate can be consideration for a supply made by the body corporate to the owner.

    In summary, a body corporate is considered to be an entity that is carrying on an enterprise which makes supplies for consideration. The entity is required to be registered when it meets the registration turnover threshold, but may elect to be registered if under the threshold.

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