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  • Small and medium audit program

    Our small and medium audit (SMA) program is a short and focused audit process for small-to-medium enterprises. The audits focus on the examination of accounting records and supporting documentation to verify items in a tax return.

    We recognise that it is important for our auditors to engage early and directly with you and your agents. This will happen at your business premises to allow our auditors to gain a better understanding of your business and the environment in which you operate.

    What we need you to do

    We may ask you to give us a walk-through of your business and also to make the following facilities available to us so that we can work on-site:

    • a workspace, including a table and chairs
    • access to a photocopier.

    The audit process

    Our first contact will be by phone to arrange an initial interview time. We will send written confirmation of the agreed interview details and a list of the records that we need for the interview.

    Prior to our meeting, you will have an opportunity to review your records to identify any errors or omissions. Any penalties that apply may be reduced by 80% if you notify us of these errors or omissions with enough information for us to work out the shortfall amount.

    At the end of the audit, our auditors will discuss their findings with you and your agents generally in a face-to-face meeting. You will have an opportunity to present your understanding of the facts and the issues and we will consider that response when making our final decision.

    We will send an audit finalisation letter within seven days of reaching our final decision. The letter will include a questionnaire seeking your feedback on how we conducted the audit and any suggestions you have for improving the process.

    More information

    For more on what you can expect if you are selected for an audit, refer to Taxpayers' charter - if you're subject to review or audit.

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