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  • Getting an AUSkey

    AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business.

    You can use an AUSkey to access our Business PortalExternal Link. Each person in your business will need their own unique AUSkey to log in and use the portal.

    AUSkey will be replaced in March 2020 with myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). These new digital services are currently available in a public beta for eligible businesses to access the Business Portal.

    Choosing the right type of AUSkey

    There are two types of AUSkeys:

    • administrator AUSkey
    • standard AUSkey.

    If you're the first person in your business to register for an AUSkey, you'll automatically receive an administrator AUSkey, allowing you to manage all AUSkeys linked to the ABN.

    With your administrator AUSkey, you can use the standalone tool Access ManagerExternal Link to manage access and permissions to the portal's functions for your staff (who will need to be registered with a standard AUSkey).

    Otherwise, an alternative to using an AUSkey to access some online business services is to use Manage ABN Connections. This service will also be replaced by myGovID and RAM in March 2020.

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