• Manage ABN Connections

    Manage ABN Connections is a secure way to access online business services provided by government. It is an alternative to AUSkey.

    Manage ABN Connections confirms your identity using your myGov username and password. Connect an ABN (or several ABNs) to your myGov account, then use your login details to securely access the following services:

    • Business Portal
    • Access Manager
    • AUSkey Manager
    • Australian Business Register (ABR)
    • Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP)
    • other government online services where you can use AUSkey.

    In the future, tax professionals will be able to access the Tax Agent Portal and BAS Agent Portal using Manage ABN Connections.

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    Manage ABN Connections gives you:

    • a choice in how you access government online business services
    • the ability to connect one or multiple ABNs
    • a single username and password for both personal and business services.

    It also offers you greater flexibility to conduct your business anytime, anywhere because it's compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. This is unlike AUSkey, which can only be used on the computer it's been installed on or from a USB.

    Who can use it

    Manage ABN Connections can be used by:

    • the associates of a business
    • business staff.

    The associates of a business include anyone listed as an associate in the ABR, for example, business owners, directors of a company, partners of a partnership, or trustees of a trust. If you're the associate of a business, you can use your personal TFN and ABN to set up Manage ABN Connections.

    Any staff member with an AUSkey can set up Manage ABN Connections.

    You should continue to use Access Manager to manage all associate and staff member accesses and permissions to your business information, including removing access entirely.

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    Get started

    To use Manage ABN Connections you need to be authorised to act on behalf of a business and have a myGov account. You can then use Manage ABN Connections to connect an ABN to your myGov account.

    First, make sure you're linked to a Profile member service (ATO, Medicare or Centrelink). If you create a myGov account and link to us, you'll then receive most personal ATO mail (and business ATO mail, if you're a sole trader) through the myGov inbox. If you have a tax agent, they can still access any correspondence we send you.

    Next, make sure your myGov security codes are turned on. Then simply follow these steps:

    1. Log in to myGov.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. On the Manage ABN Connections line click the edit icon.
    4. If you're an associate of the business, you can connect using either your personal details (ABN and personal TFN) or your AUSkey and password.

    If you're a staff member, you must connect ABNs using an AUSkey and password and the AUSkey must be installed on the machine you're using (once you've connected you'll no longer need to use an AUSkey).

    1. Select 'Start connection process'.
    2. Follow the prompts.

    Once the ABN is connected you can access government online business services (for example, the Business Portal). When you log in to the service, choose 'myGov' from the drop-down login options, and sign in using your myGov details.

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