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    Online services for business

    Online services for business is here. The Business Portal and electronic superannuation audit tool are being replaced by Online services for business for all your tax and super needs. We recommend you start using this new service for your transactions with us. For more information go to Online services for business.

    Business Portal

    Payment options

    From Payment options in the Business Portal, you can:

    Payment options – details

    At the Payment options – details screen you can:

    • view the balance of your account and payment options
    • view an estimate of the general interest change (GIC) owing (where applicable) up to the current date
    • project how much GIC will be payable for a future date.

    You can only view accounts you have been granted permissions for in Access Manager. Some accounts are not available to view even if you have permissions, these include:

    • some super accounts
    • tobacco leaf charge
    • wool tax
    • income tax accounts if there are no transactions
    • FBT accounts if there are no transactions.

    The balance displayed may not be a true representation of the amount you owe, or we owe you, and should be used as a guide only.


    Your electronic fund transfer (EFT) code is needed to pay an account or quote the EFT code as your customer reference number when paying by BPAY®Footnote1, direct debit or direct credit. The EFT code is different for each account.

    At the Payment options – details screen select the relevant account to view the EFT code for that account.

    Payment slips

    There are many ways you can make a payment. If you are making a payment in person at Australia Post you can download and print a payment slip at the Payment options screen for the following account types:

    • individual income tax
    • company income tax
    • superannuation income tax
    • activity statements
    • self-managed super fund receipts
    • superannuation contribution surcharge receipts
    • fringe benefits tax.

    Photocopies of faxed copies of payment slips are not accepted by us or Australia Post.

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    Footnote 1
    ® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

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