• Paying the instalment amount calculated by us

    To pay the GST instalment amount calculated by us at G21 on your instalment notice, you need to:

    • transfer the instalment amount at G21 to the Amount paid section of the payment advice
    • pay the amount by the date shown in the Payment due on section at the front of the instalment notice (using one of the How to pay options on the instalment notice)
    • keep the instalment notice for your records (do not return it to us).

    If you pay the GST instalment amount pre-printed on the instalment notice, there is nothing else you need to do for this quarter.


    If you are unable to pay the advised amount by the due date, you can organise a payment arrangement using our automated self-help number 13 72 26 or by phoning 13 28 66 to discuss your payment.

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      Last modified: 24 May 2014QC 17323