• If you ask us to retain a refund

    Can you ask us to retain an amount and do we have to agree to your request?

    You can ask us to retain an amount for the purpose of verification. However, the fact that you have asked us to retain an amount does not mean that we are obliged to retain the amount. We may still choose not to retain the refund.

    If you ask us to retain an amount for verification, is there an approved form that you must use?

    No. There is no approved form and you are not required to give the request in writing. If you make your request after you have lodged your return, it is possible we may have already processed your return and given you your refund. To ensure we are able to action your request, we encourage you to make your request by phone.

    If we have decided to retain an amount following your request and you later withdraw that request, can we continue to retain the amount?

    Yes. We can continue to retain the amount if both the following apply:

    • It would be reasonable to require verification of the information contained in the activity statement or other return and the verification relates to the amount that we would have to refund to you.
    • We have informed you of the decision to retain the amount within the required time (that is, generally by the end of 14 or 30 days after the date of lodgment of the relevant return).

    If there is a delay in actioning your request until 14 or 30 days after lodgment, can we agree to your request to retain the refund?

    No. We cannot agree to your request under section 8AAZLGA. As we were unable to inform you of a decision to retain an amount before the end of the 14th or 30th day after lodgment (whichever is applicable), subsection 8AAZLGA(5)(b) provides that we cannot retain the amount under section 8AAZLGA. If required, we can undertake the verification after the amount has been refunded.

      Last modified: 29 Jan 2013QC 28291