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  • Keeping businesses safe with eInvoicing

    Every year Australian businesses fall victim to sophisticated false billing scams and fraud executed via email. According to the ACCC's Scam WatchExternal Link, Australian businesses lost nearly $128 million to business email compromise scams in 2020.

    eInvoicing is the new, standardised way to send and receive invoices through your software. Peppol is the common eInvoicing standard in Australia, with the Peppol network providing a more secure channel to exchange invoices.

    By shifting to eInvoicing, businesses can reduce the risk posed by emailing invoices and at the same time secure their cash and ability to fulfill their reporting obligations.

    eInvoicing can help keep your business safe by:

    • using a channel that offers stronger security controls than email, such as encryption
    • reducing the risks of fake, unsolicited or compromised invoices and other false billing scams
    • exchanging eInvoices through the network of approved service providers, called access points, who implement security controls to prevent, detect and mitigate the risk of invoice fraud
    • using your trading partners' ABNs, which are validated, to ensure invoices are sent to legitimate businesses
    • preventing lost or delayed invoices.

    The ATO manages the Peppol standard and network in Australia but we have no access or visibility of eInvoices transmitted via the Peppol network.

    The security benefits of eInvoicing over traditional printed or PDF email invoices not only help protect your business from external threats, but also offer an added layer of security to your internal checks and controls.

    With more Australian businesses choosing eInvoicing every day, and businesses in 40 countries around the world also connected to the network, it's a good time to give eInvoicing a go.

    Talk to your trusted business advisers and software providers about how to get started.

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