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  • eInvoicing: digital, green, efficient

    Peppol eInvoicing provides a range of benefits for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), helping them save time and money and offering a common electronic channel for transacting with large businesses.

    By adding Peppol to your electronic channels, you can also reap benefits including:

    • improved efficiency by shifting all your interactions with SMEs from paper, or less efficient electronic channels, to Peppol
    • improved compliance with Payment Times Reporting Scheme requirementsExternal Link
    • being a leading corporate citizen encouraging and assisting Australian SMEs to embrace and better utilise digital technologies
    • helping you meet your environmental impact targets by reducing the amount of paper used to send invoices, along with the related impact of mail delivery, paper production, deforestation and waste generation.

    If you provide goods or services to federal government agencies, there is also the benefit of 5-day payment terms for eInvoices.

    Join over 18,000 Australian businesses, including many of Australia's biggest names, who are already taking advantage of eInvoicing.

    Visit to start your eInvoicing journey today.

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