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  • Claiming September JobKeeper payments

    Employers have until 14 October 2020 to lodge a business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payments they made in September.

    To be eligible to receive JobKeeper payments from fortnight 14 (September 28) onwards, you must demonstrate a decline in actual GST turnover in the September 2020 quarter. The decline must be relative to a comparable period. You have until 31 October 2020 to determine and submit the decline in turnover information through our online services or your tax agent.

    JobKeeper payment rates changed as of 28 September 2020. There are now two payment rates. You will need to work out which rate you can claim for each of your eligible employees. You have until 31 October 2020 to pay your employees for JobKeeper fortnights ending in October.

    If you were enrolled in the original JobKeeper Payment scheme, you will need to tell us which payment tier you are claiming for each eligible employee or business participant in your November JobKeeper business monthly declaration. You will need to submit this between 1 and 14 November 2020.

    Our step-by-step JobKeeper guides will help you complete your business monthly declaration.

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