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  • New TPAR record and lodgment functions

    Keeping good records makes it easier for your business to complete a Taxable payment annual report (TPAR) each year.

    We've made improvements to help your business record and report its TPAR.

    If your business lodges your TPAR through ATO online services you can now:

    • save your draft TPAR and resume before lodging
    • access your lodgment receipt and check the date you reported your TPAR Non-lodgment advice.

    If you haven't yet lodged your TPAR, choose the best lodgment option of either:

    • your business accounting software with TPAR functionality
    • the ATO’s Business Portal using the TPAR online form
    • your myGov account (individuals and sole traders only) using the TPAR online form
    • your registered tax or BAS agent.

    Remember when lodging we cannot process scanned or photocopied TPAR forms, spreadsheets or word processing files (such as pdf, doc, xls, jpg, tiff files).

    If you make a mistake on your TPAR

    Visit correcting a lodged report for more information about when you need to tell us about any errors on your lodged TPAR form and how to fix them.

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    Last modified: 28 Sep 2020QC 63769