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  • Requesting stapled super fund details for new employees

    When you employ new staff and offer them a choice of super fund, they may not choose one. If this happens, you need to request their stapled super fund details from us in order to meet your choice of fund obligations.

    A stapled super fund is an employee's existing super account which is linked, or 'stapled', to them and follows them as they change jobs.

    You can request stapled super fund details in ATO online services for business, online services for individuals (for sole traders), or your agent can request these details using ATO online services for agents.

    New business software solution

    In December, we'll release a wholesale solution that will enable employer software and payroll products to request stapled super funds. Stapled super enabled software will allow you to request stapled super details from within business software, rather than having to request them separately via ATO online services.

    Contact your software provider to find out if they will incorporate this functionality.

    For more information see Stapled super funds for employers.

    Bulk request process

    Employers can complete a bulk request form if they need to request stapled super fund details for over 100 new employees at once.

    After reviewing the bulk request process, we've increased our service standard to better reflect actual performance - the standard is now 14 business days.

    The bulk request process is an interim service to support employers until a wholesale solution is released. We will be decommissioning the process in mid-2023, we encourage employers using it to start discussions with their software providers regarding the wholesale solution well in advance.

    Last modified: 01 Nov 2022QC 70752