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  • Support your employees' charitable donations

    If your business is looking to, or already partnering with a charity or other not-for-profit organisation, you can support your employees by making it easier to donate through a workplace giving program.

    A workplace giving program is an easy way for staff to regularly contribute to charities or organisations through their employers. All they need to do is provide their work with details of how much they would like to donate each pay and the names of the charities they'd like to donate to.

    Employers can then deduct this from the employee's income and forward it to the relevant charity as a lump sum. It won't affect the employees' gross income, super guarantee payments or fringe benefits.

    All they need to do at the end of the financial year is claim a tax deduction in their personal tax return equal to the total donation amount in their payment summary or income statement.

    If your business encourages workplace giving, you can find out more on our website by following the links below:

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