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  • Are you a director or becoming one soon?

    Directors and intending directors need to apply for a director identification number (director ID) if they're:

    • a director of a company registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
    • a director of a corporation registered with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)
    • planning to become a director in the next 12 months.

    What is a director ID?

    Director ID is the first initiative to be delivered by Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS). It is a unique identifier that directors will apply for once and keep forever.

    Director ID will create a fairer business environment by improving data integrity and making people more confident they know who the directors of a company are.

    Application deadlines

    The date directors need to apply for their director ID by depends on when they become a director. Directors of a company registered with ASIC who were appointed:

    While those appointed on or before 31 October have until 30 November 2022 to apply, all directors are strongly encouraged to apply now.

    Different datesExternal Link apply for directors of corporations registered with ORIC.

    How to apply

    The fastest way to applyExternal Link for a director ID is online. It’s free to apply and directors must apply themselves to verify their identity.

    Directors will need a myGovID with a Standard or Strong identity strength to complete the online application.

    The ABRS is contacting directors who haven't applied on time. It's a criminal offence for directors not to apply within required timeframes and penalties may apply. For more information about director ID penalties, visit Link.

    More information

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