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  • Make life easier with eInvoicing

    Powered by Peppol, eInvoicing is the new and easy way to send and receive invoices directly in your software. It is not email or PDF.

    Peppol is a common standard and network for exchanging invoices in Australia. It simplifies and streamlines your invoice management, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your organisation.

    eInvoicing can help you save time because:

    • it automates manual processes
    • it uses standardised information reducing errors and missing information, meaning you spend less time correcting mistakes and following up on invoices you send
    • when receiving eInvoices, data appears automatically in your software, removing manual entry and associated delays
    • it relies on the ABN and network of service providers to deliver eInvoices, reducing the risk of lost and misplaced invoices
    • you can send and receive eInvoices to anyone else connected to the Peppol network, no matter what accounting software they use.

    Over 11,000 businesses and organisations throughout Australia are already using eInvoicing. Talk to your trusted advisers about including eInvoicing into your processes and ask your invoicing software provider about how to get started.

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