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  • New features for myGovID and RAM

    The range of identity documents offered in the myGovID app to verify your identity has grown and now also includes:

    If you have a Basic myGovID, you may be able to upgrade to a Standard myGovIDExternal Link identity strength, giving you the ability access more government online services.

    Before upgrading, discuss your access requirements with your principal authority or authorisation administrator as they may need to create a new authorisation in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

    Improved name matching

    It's now easier to verify your identity in the myGovID app if you have:

    • multiple first or family names
    • inconsistent special characters across your identity documents - for example, if one document has a hyphen or apostrophe but the other doesn’t.

    It's important that you do not delete your app if you've had issues setting up your myGovID due to the reasons above; instead, update it to the latest version. See Your name is differentExternal Link to find out how to remove a pending document and check your identity details.

    Managing authorisations and access

    If you're a principal authority or authorisation administrator you can now:

    • view user access to online services using the Access history report in Access Manager. The report provides details on the date, time of log in and online service accessed by authorised users
    • export the details of authorisations into a spreadsheet format (CSV file) from RAM
    • choose the Select all option in RAM to apply the same level of access to all agencies for authorised users.

    Keep an eye out for more on myGovID and RAM in future Business bulletins.

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