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  • Ongoing support for large businesses

    As we continue to deal with these unprecedented times, we understand that you or your clients may need more time or assistance to meet lodgment obligations.

    We haven't applied blanket extensions to lodgment due dates for any obligations or provided bulk deferrals to any specific registered tax agents. If you or your tax agent are unable to meet your lodgment due date, contact us to request more time.

    Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, we're extending the automatic remission of failure to lodge on time penalties for significant global entities (SGEs). If lodgment is less than 30 days late, we will remit these penalties to nil for the period until 14 August 2020.

    If you need more time to meet a lodgment due date, you can contact us. Our Large Services Team is here to support you with any questions you might have as your business responds to the effects of COVID-19.

    Registered agents can request an ATO-assessed deferral by lodging an application through Online services for agents.

    We'll consider all lodgment deferral applications on a case-by-case basis. To ensure that your request is considered as quickly as possible, ensure that you lodge your request through the correct ATO channel.

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