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  • Top 1,000 assurance reviews

    Our Top 1,000 Tax Performance Program has continued during COVID-19. Our tailored approach has proved successful and the vast majority of our Top 1000 cases have continued albeit with delays in some cases.

    After careful consideration we will start Next actions cases arising from past streamlined assurance reviews and approximately 30 Top 1,000 GST assurance reviews in August.

    If you have been selected for a review, we will contact you in advance.

    While we have clear commitments, we continue to be empathetic to your needs, understanding the continuing adverse impacts of COVID-19 on your business operations.

    We will work with you to adapt the timing of the review to your circumstances.

    We plan to start new Top 1,000 streamlined assurance reviews in October. We will let you know if this changes.

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    Last modified: 19 Jun 2020QC 62936