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  • Where to find our COVID-19 FAQs

    We’re supporting businesses with up to date guidance by repositioning the COVID-19 frequently asked questions to better fit in with our existing web content.

    The revised content will include information from the FAQs that still applies, and in some instances, removing those that are no longer relevant. This change will help make information easier to search and find.

    Unless there is an update to our position in an FAQ, the refreshed content will be rewritten to fit in with where it is placed. We will let you know about any changes to our position.

    The existing FAQs (first published in March 2020) have been archived and can now be found on our legal databaseThis link opens in a new window. The archived COVID-19 FAQs, effective as at 30 June 2020, are a record of the guidance we provided as at 30 June. The archive ensures that our technical and administrative position on these issues as at year end will remain accessible in the future. This approach also recognises information on our website will be updated over time.

    We will continue to update the COVID-19 pages on our website with current advice. We will let you know about new content through our Business bulletins.

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