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  • Building engagement excellence for large public and multinational clients

    The Action Differentiation Framework (ADF) is our new strategic approach that builds engagement excellence with public and multinational businesses.

    The ADF allows us to focus on the principles of obtaining justified trust, to provide the community with the confidence that businesses are paying the right amount of tax.

    The way we engage with our clients is differentiated based on our understanding of the complexity of their affairs, informed by:

    • their size
    • the transparency of their engagement with us
    • the choices and behaviours evidenced in their tax affairs
    • their risk appetite.

    The ADF considers our client's characteristics and behaviours and tailors our engagement with them across a range of services and approaches to place our clients into one of following engagement experiences:

    • Partner – we partner with clients to maintain good compliance
    • Encourage – we encourage clients to address concerns
    • Influence – we take firm action to improve compliance.

    For instance, with clients in the Partner category we will work to automate information exchanges and adopt a light-touch approach to maintain their good compliance. However, with clients in the Influence category, we will adopt a high touch approach to ensure risks are addressed quickly.

    The ADF involves a significant shift from issues-based reviews to tailored engagement, requiring objective evidence from clients to demonstrate the right amount of tax is being paid.

    Where justified trust is attained, the real value-proposition for clients is that future engagements can be streamlined and supported by monitoring. This leads to:

    • a decrease in compliance costs through less reviews and audits
    • real-time certainty on future transactions through professional advice and tailored engagement from us.

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