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  • Justified trust and key taxpayer engagement workshop outcomes

    In partnership with the Corporate Tax Association (CTA) we have co-hosted a series of workshops focussing on justified trust and key taxpayer engagement.

    Key taxpayer engagement (KTE) is the name of an overarching whole-of-tax approach we use to engage the largest public and multinational businesses. KTE is a tailored engagement approach where services and assurance activities are based on the risk profile of the client.

    Justified trust allows us to obtain greater assurance that the largest corporate taxpayers are meeting their tax obligations in a timely and transparent manner. It enables the ATO to provide greater certainty for taxpayers by directing resources to where there may be non-compliance thus providing greater confidence to the community.

    Together we hosted seven workshops, with over 172 CTA members representing more than 100 corporates and about 300 ATO staff in attendance. We also met with key advisors in early 2018 to discuss the impacts of justified trust and key taxpayer engagement in the context of the workshop material.

    The practical feedback received from the workshops has been included into a final outcomes document that is jointly endorsed by the ATO and CTA.

    This document is available on our website and focuses on the application of these initiatives for taxpayers in the Top 100 program. The document also provides clarity with respect to areas of uncertainty that surfaced during the workshops.

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