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  • New review for Top 1,000 taxpayers

    The Top 1,000 combined (income tax and goods and services tax) assurance program has been established to replace the Top 1,000 tax performance program that is ending in December 2020. We will engage with large public and multinational companies under this program through to June 2023.

    If you are in our Top 1,000 population, you may be contacted and asked to prepare for a combined (income tax and GST) assurance review.

    We recognise that many large businesses and their employees are currently being affected by COVID-19. While we have clear commitments, we continue to be empathetic to your needs, understanding the continuing adverse effects of COVID-19 on your business operations. We will work with you to adapt the timing of the review to your circumstances.

    Combined assurance reviews help to assure us that large public and multinational groups are paying the right amount of income tax and GST.

    The Top 1,000 program is an initiative under the Tax Avoidance Taskforce.

    By working with us during the review, you will get greater certainty over your tax affairs, which in turn can reduce your future compliance costs.

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