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  • Taxation in the evolving post-COVID-19 world

    Second Commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn recently delivered a speech at the Australian Financial Review’s CFO Live event, the foremost independent gathering of the nation’s top financial chiefs. Every year, the summit brings together Australia’s most experienced and senior CFOs to share their unique operational and strategic perspectives on the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Australian businesses.

    The leading theme for this year's event is the business disruption and market dislocation caused by COVID-19, with Jeremy sharing his insights on:

    • the societal challenge of COVID-19 on community expectations
    • the stimulus packages and expectations of those accessing them
    • how chief financial leaders can steer businesses to meet community standards in a post-COVID world.

    In this climate of uncertainty and rapidly changing social norms, Jeremy called upon the CFOs of Australia's largest taxpayers to meet the emerging and growing expectations around corporate behaviour including tax. The guiding goal and benefit being the increase to community trust in large organisations.

    Read the full transcript of Jeremy’s speech on Taxation in the evolving post-COVID world.

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