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  • Fuel tax credits Taxpayer Alert released

    We've recently published Taxpayer Alert TA 2021/3Fuel tax credit overclaims arising from aggressive marketing and use of GPS telematics technology products.

    The alert outlines our concerns with marketers and tax professionals promoting global positioning system (GPS) technology that can result in fuel tax credit overclaims.

    A number of problems have been identified with some products, including poor quality or intermittent GPS data that lacks sufficient checks.

    We are reviewing unusually large refunds that have been claimed using GPS technology. Incorrect claims may be subject to penalties and interest.

    We encourage the use of GPS technology for fuel tax credit purposes, where it leads to accurate results and is supported by robust checks and evidence.

    We are working with tax professionals and technology providers to develop product and class rulings so you can rely on the results or reports when using these products for fuel tax credit purposes.

    Next steps:

    If you have entered into or are aware of arrangements like this, you can:

    • check your fuel tax credit claims to see if you have overclaimed credits
    • contact us to make a voluntary disclosure to reduce penalties that may apply
    • make a confidential tip-off at or by phone 1800 060 062.

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