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  • Taxpayer Alert – Development lease arrangements

    We have issued a taxpayer alert outlining our concerns with inconsistent reporting of GST on the supply of government-owned land to property developers where development works are involved.

    This may involve arrangements where the property developer and government entity do not report the value of their supplies in a consistent manner, resulting in the underpayment of GST by either or both parties.

    What we are doing

    We issue taxpayer alerts to warn the community about new or emerging higher risk tax issues that we have under risk assessment. Our aim is to share our concerns early, and help you make informed decisions about your tax affairs.

    We are currently reviewing these and similar arrangements, and engaging with taxpayers and government agencies to explore the issues of concern, and ensure that the GST and income tax obligations of all participants have been correctly accounted for.

    This may involve compliance activities to address any arrangements, if necessary.

    What you need to do

    Read the taxpayer alert on our Legal database to find out more. If you have entered into a similar arrangement, you may wish to seek advice on the legal or tax consequences of this arrangement.

    We encourage you to contact us if you have questions, or if you wish to provide any information about similar arrangements.

    Last modified: 27 Nov 2018QC 57483