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  • Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting: administrative solution for Year 3 lodgments

    Administrative solution – lodgment concession

    Significant Global Entities (SGEs) are able to take advantage of the administrative solution for year 3 of CbC Reporting if they lodge Part A of the Local File together with their income tax return and relevant labels of the International Dealings Schedule (IDS). Part A of the Local File will meet the requirements of being lodged together with the income tax return where it is lodged by the income tax return due date.

    If a reporting entity chooses to take up the administrative solution, they will not need to complete questions 2 to 17 of the International Dealings Schedule (IDS). The income tax return and the relevant remaining sections of the IDS must still be lodged by the due date of the return (generally 15 July 2019 for December balancers).

    If a reporting entity requires additional time to lodge Part A of their Local File, they must seek an extension of time to lodge their income tax return through the normal channels. Part A of the Local File can then be lodged by the extended due date for the income tax return, for the purposes of meeting the eligibility criteria for the administrative solution.

    If you have any questions, please email the CbC Reporting team.

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