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  • Disclosure of business tax debts

    Businesses who meet certain criteria may have their tax debts disclosed to credit reporting bureaus (CRBs).

    We want to work with you to manage your tax debts.

    We are in the process of writing to all clients that may be eligible to have their tax debts disclosed to credit reporting bureaus. This is to raise awareness of the actions we can now take under the Disclosure of Business Tax Debt measure. If your business tax debt is currently eligible for disclosure to CRBs, you or your representative may receive this letter. The letter will be sent to the postal address listed on your account.

    The letter provides you with an opportunity to effectively engage with us to manage your debts and avoid disclosure. If you pay in full or negotiate an acceptable payment plan with us, your debts will not be disclosed.

    If no steps are taken to actively manage your debt, then the taxpayer remains eligible for disclosure. Before we take any final action to disclose your tax debt, we will issue you a formal Intent to Disclose Notice.

    If you receive an Intent notice asking you to 'act now or your debt will be disclosed to credit reporting bureaus', you or your representative have 28 days from the date you receive the letter, to contact us to discuss how you will manage your debt.

    If you disagree with your debt balance, or our decision to disclose your debt balance to CRBs, contact us immediately to discuss your situation.

    Ensure all your lodgments are up to date to avoid penalties. Collection action can continue until you address the debt and general interest charge continues to accrue.

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