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  • Getting it right for Tax Time 2019

    We understand the tax and super affairs of large business can be complicated. That’s why we’re committed to working directly with you or your registered agent to resolve any matters you may have.

    Our early engagement approach ensures that the right people are brought together to discuss the best way for you to deal with a correction or change to a large business income tax return. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet with us before deciding whether to request an amendment or lodge an objection.

    You can request an amendment or make a voluntary disclosure if you need to:

    • correct an error you have made on an income tax return you have already lodged
    • change a technical position you have adopted in an income tax return
    • object to the assessment you have received for an income tax return.

    As a general rule, if you want to correct a mistake or omission you have made on your tax return you use the amendment process and if you want to dispute the facts or the law you use the objection process.

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