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  • Incorrect dates on STP finalisations

    We have identified that some employers are using the incorrect date in Pay or Update events when finalising their end of financial year Single Touch Payroll (STP) data.

    When finalising your 2019–20 end of financial year STP information:

    • adjust the date of the Pay or Update event to 30 June 2020, this will prevent the information sent to us being applied to the incorrect 2020–21 financial year
    • if finalising after 30 June 2020 you should use an Update event
    • your employees' pay period start and end dates need to be in the same financial year as the Pay or Update event, these dates should also be set to 30 June 2020.

    Where we identify an incorrect date for a prior financial year, we will contact you.

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    Last modified: 17 Jul 2020QC 63197